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Alzheimer’s test may become part of the routine checkup

The earlier Alzheimer's disease is detected the more benefit a patient will gain from available treatments. Unfortunately, it isn't until overt signs of a decline in cognitive ability, that threaten a person's well being, is the individual brought into a clinic for testing. Testing for early signs of Alzheimer's usually require assessing the person's cognitive ability. The… Read More

Chronic pain and addiction

By far the most popular form of chronic pain relief is medication, which can lead to addiction. There are three primary contributors for addiction: psychosocial, drug, and genetics. Psychosocial addiction includes things like depression, personality disorder, stress, and etcetera. Drug addiction is associated with how the body becomes dependent on the brain receiving those happy… Read More

Seven fired U.S. attorneys and two dead assistants had one thing in common — Medicare fraud

Tom Flocco.comreports that CEO Samuel Lipari, who is suing hospital supply company Novation LLC, claims the seven fired U.S. attorneys, two dead assistants, three assistants who resigned or were fired, and two U.S. attorneys forced out were all investigating Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Jeb Bush, the President's brother, is on the board of directors for… Read More

Money Saving Pro’s Guide to SSDI Benefits

In the unfortunate event you contract an illness or suffer an injury and are unable to work, Social Security disability benefits provide you with supplemental income during this difficult time. However, applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a confusing process if you haven't done it before. Luckily, this guide will go in-depth to… Read More

Rheumatoid arthritis early death linked to smoking

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease. Patients with RA tend to die younger and largely from cardiovascular disease (CVD). A marker of inflammation is an elevation of the C-reactive protein (CRP) and has been shown to predict CVD. Dr. Tracey M. Farragher, University of Manchester, wondered why other inflammatory diseases, like Crohn's disease… Read More

Fibromyalgia seen as a lucrative market

Research and Markets reports that fibromyalgia is a burgeoning market that will expand with an upsurge in diagnosis and treatments following the FDA's approval of Lyrica as a treatment. In 2006 the market was estimated to be $367 million. They believe the market will continue to grow to $1.7 billion by 2016. The growth of… Read More

Higher co-pays lowers patient compliance

There is an old expression--"It is the cheap man who pays the most."--that best explains why the higher co-payments for drug prescriptions or to see a doctor that took effect January 1, for many people, may actually cost a company more money. The University of Michigan and Harvard University researchers studied the concept called "value… Read More

How you can unwittingly help disability insurance companies deny your claim

You have probably seen surveillance footage of a fraudulent disability insurance claimant who claims to have a bad back, but is caught on camera lifting a heavy carton. What the cameras do not show is the legitimate disability claimant who is denied benefits by their insurance company. Unless you know someone personally who has been… Read More

Man files fraudulent disability claim and faces 5 years in prison

Mark M., 36, thought he was going to be able to out-wit a Provident Life and Casualty insurance adjuster. He lied about his medical and psychological history on the disability insurance application. The adjuster became suspicious when he phoned the number Mr. M. provided for his boss and quickly realized that he was really speaking… Read More

Obesity and Alzheimer’s linked

For some time the Alzheimer's and obesity connection has been known, but exactly why there is a connection has eluded researchers. Recent research in Melbourne, Australia, indicates that the obesity/Alzheimer's connection could be the result of a build up of protein - beta amyloid - in the brains of obese people. The beta amyloid buildup… Read More

FDA warns Novartis about Alzheimer’s drug promotional material

Pharmaceutical company, Novartis, produces Exelon that is used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. A recent Exelon promotional brochure distributed to health-care professionals has caught the eye of the FDA because it is thought to be misleading. The FDA faxed a warning to Novartis that states that Exelon is associated with numerous risks and that Novartis… Read More

CIGNA Bad Faith Story

I am a 63 year old female, who was employed in the health care appeal industry for over 20 years. For years, I had paid for a portion of my disability insurance with after tax dollars. In 2007, I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of both knees and had to undergo bilateral knee replacements. CIGNA… Read More

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